Abundance Flows Freely in My Life

“There is an endless supply of ________ in my life that flows freely to me and everyone in this beautiful world!”

This truth is important to remember because it helps go against everything the ego wants to create for us. The ego is trying to create thoughts, feelings, and thus outcomes, in our lives of scarcity and lack. But this is a lie and an illusion! There is more than enough good for everyone. There is more than enough joy, love, success, happiness, and fulfillment for all. It may be hard at first to accept these types of truths but that’s the fun of identifying the ego. Quiet your mind and notice the little voice in your head running around like mad trying to cause you to fear! Make it a game, don’t resist ego thinking because that just feeds it.

Ego thinking doesn’t serve you and only wants you to live in retreat, suffering, and lack. It wants you to feel powerless and withhold your true greatness! The true joy of life comes from loving each other and giving freely our abundance to each other! Besides, you can’t give something to another if you don’t have it right…? This is a helpful trick to get you in the habit of realizing all the great things in your life.

If you want to be more happy well then cause another person to be happy and thus you share in that experience. Ultimately we’re all one so as you do unto others you do unto yourself. This is what Jesus really meant, but we’ll discuss that more another time.

Moreover, by sharing or giving happiness to another you experience the realization that you ARE in fact happy. I will go into more depth on this thinking later. For now realize that there is an endless supply of good things in your life if we stop and see them. As we focus on this great things that we love they will eventually be multiplied by the laws of the universe. Just like gravity, it is a universal law. And that law is, “Man/woman becomes what he/she thinks about”, Buddha taught this specifically. So fill your heart and mind with thoughts and feeling of love, abundance, joy, happiness, and gratitude for all and watch the wonders in your life come to you in untold amounts!

Ponder this truth and the other affirmations of truth that have been posted until they have become instinctual and “normal” to you and your life will truly be magical. As mentioned in the last post, feel and know their truth and you will be one step closer to mastering the power of your mind and creative energy.

Always Love-

Mathew Micheletti

~You shall know Truth by the happiness, joy, and peace it brings~ Go within and start knocking on the Door.