A Perspective on Vulnerability and Judgment

I would like to share a few thoughts on vulnerability and judgment that occurred to me as a result of pondering the previous post.  It seems that we hold back from expressing our true selves because we are censoring ourselves one way or another. We are censoring ourselves because we are not unconditionally loving ourselves, one way or another we are withholding Love from ourselves. One of the most common methods of withholding Love and acceptance is through judgment. Judgment is a barrier to unconditional love since judgment is a dualistic system that can not abide within the realms of Love which is nonlinear and all encompassing. Unconditional, Cosmic Love is free from space and time and is the Essence of All. Whereas judgment is bound by space and time and dependent on positionality. Therefore, when we turn to judgment we limit ourselves drastically. Some questions that come to mind in thinking of our limitations are,

Why are we not being our true selves? Why are we resisting vulnerability?  Why are we unkind to ourselves and others? Why are we not trusting our intuition? Why are we not trusting in Love? What’s keeping us from Peace? Why are we hurting each other? Why aren’t we working together? Why aren’t we more loving towards each other?

An answer to these questions could all be reduced down to Fear. Fear comes in infinite forms such as, fear of being hurt, fear of being rejected, or fear of being judged. In other words our ego builds up emotional walls and projections in order to protect itself from being injured by negative judgments. It does this by building up a persona or a false self that hides our vulnerabilities in order to not expose our true selves out of fear of being denied. Thus we repress our true nature, our true callings, gifts, desires. We repress our true voice. This will inevitably lead to self denial however, and thus unhappiness and an in-genuine expression of Self. From this repression comes the experience of a life that seems to always be lacking. The longer we deny our authentic selves the more suffering we create until we awaken to our Truth that is within. Once we have suffered enough(as dictated by us in every moment) we discover Truth and realization which brings about peace, contentment, and security. Faith in the Universe, Will of God, Essence of Life, brings about a profound transformation in thinking, emotions, and behavior. Thus one is in the energy of inspiration, the energy of enlightenment, and the vibration of liberation as if a burden is lifting off one’s shoulders.

The realization that we are the only ones responsible for our thoughts, feelings, and perspective gives us the power to control our destiny. We realize that we are the ones that are creating happiness and hurt, joy and suffering, courage and doubt, perfection and judgment. We can be free of these dualities once we accept our responsibility in creating them. This puts us into a state of empowerment where we observe the world as it truly is, an experience of experience. When we do this, we make that which is unconscious become conscious and thus we can transcend our limited perspective. Essentially one is giving up to the universe, one is surrendering the personal ego and accepting that the perspective and belief system is limiting and unloving. As we surrender we are free to truly be.

~The unawakened mind resists the way things are~ ~We suffer because we seek to change the way things are~~One must lose oneself to find oneself~ ~It’s only once we’ve lost everything, that we’re free to do anything~

At this point one is free to consistently follow one’s light, one is free to let oneself truly shine! And as we allow ourselves to be vulnerable and give ourselves comfort and security we then are able to allow others to experience their vulnerability as well, without judgement or withholding of Love. Recall the power of projection, everything that we judge is that which we are denying within ourselves. Projection is also the imposed significance of value determined by the ego’s limited perspective. Finally, projection is the concept that what one gives to self one will give to all, and that which one withholds from self one will withhold from all.

As stated many times now, as we let go of judging ourselves we naturally could never judge another. This is a great step in actualizing unconditional love, oneness, and Divine perception.

Seek the stillness within and observe what arises.

Thank you, Namaste’

Mathew Micheletti

~You shall know Truth by the happiness, joy, and peace it brings~ Go within and start knocking on the Door.


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