A Perspective on Unconditional Love

Let Go of Right and Wrong

    Unconditional love is letting the other be ‘right’ by realizing there in fact is no right or wrong. We do not need to get so attached to a particular position of rightness for it is only our ego attachments that invest in such a vanity of pride such as, only my perspective is correct. Within non-attachment there is a complete reduction in ego inflation and staunch positionality (position of opinion that is taken and then defended out of investment) and it is replaced by only appreciation for all of life. The ‘other’ therefore, is not right or wrong but simply is and can only be perfect. Socrates taught that all men only do what they believe to be good/best. This statement is absolutely true regarding the fact that all of us only act according to our degree of awareness and contextual self-identity. And because all truth is relative, all therefore are acting according to what they believe to be the most ‘true’, ‘right’, or ‘good’. So this means from the serial killer to the saintly, all are simply representing their degree of understanding, yet none are ‘better’ or ‘worse’ than the other, just different. Likewise, since there is no wrongness possible in the universe there is therefore no need to ‘teach’ or change others because there is only love and acceptance for all.

     Therefore there is in fact no reason to want to even influence others for to do so would be an ego vanity no matter how ‘benevolent’, ‘compassionate’, or ‘loving’ it may seem. There does not even need to be a desire to help others because seeking to do so implies that others are in a wrong/lacking state which again is missing the point and only furthering their powerlessness. Unconditional Love accepts all exactly where they are and sees only perfection at all times and all places and knows that all are experiencing exactly the life they want, whether we want to admit it or not. Unconditional love accepts that all are empowered beings and demonstrates this point by embodying such an understanding and concordantly living a life of happiness, success, and loving ourselves. Thus the only thing we have to do is just be, which is to simply follow our own honest bliss, whatever that may be.

    However, when asked, an embodiment of unconditional love will reveal truths appropriate to the understanding/consciousness of the questioner and the questions being asked. Otherwise there is only love and appreciation for all others and they do as they so choose and don’t need to be ‘saved’ or ‘fixed’. Again, there doesn’t need to be the intention to teach the other but simply help the other find Truth for themselves according to their own desire becoming manifest. Hence, when the student is ready the teacher appears. In this perspective, unconditional love is seen as an energy of empowerment and only enhances life for all and never takes from or destroys life. Our state is perpetually loving towards ourself and therefore others. There are times when we may offer our loving intention and it is up to the other how they would like to interpret that, nothing is ever done for any particular gain or attachment to outcome. So in other words, we may love ourselves along with honoring and respecting the love for others and it may manifest in a benevolent, compassionate way but all expressions are just simply a reflection of our inner reality and is not personal. With this respect comes the realization that there is no need to impose on someone else, again… just be and love yourself.

     There is also no reason to solicit information to others for that would just be an ego vanity to want to teach another or the inflation that our opinion and story is of greater value than others. This goes back to the concept of that I can not teach you anything only help you remember that which you already know. In other words silence is at times the most powerful expression of love because it gives full appreciation for the moment without any interference of projections. Within unconditional love there is no need to change the moment, there is only the love and radical presence in the moment. I don’t need to tell another anything whether its advice or about myself because to do so would be projecting my own values and ego’s identity. The only time these things would be revealed is if asked or if simply being offered for those to seek it according to their own volition such as this writing. This writing is simply me being me… I like to write and thus I write, it is fulfilling in and of itself. I don’t write for you or your approval, I write for me, if along the way that happens to help you then that’s awesome and only enhances the fulfillment but it was never the goal or point. I love you because it’s fulfilling to me, not because I’m trying to ‘give’ you love, have you ‘love’ me, nor ‘help’ you, or otherwise change you. I love because I love to love. I devote my life to Truth because I love Truth, hence the subtile of the site being, “For the joy of Truth and Evolution”. All fulfillment comes from within us thus if we release attachment to external outcomes we are truly liberated and satisfied at all times, no matter what. We are the creators of our reality through our beliefs and perceptions.

Let Yourself Be

     Be vulnerable and quiet in the moment, honor the moment without needing to add to it or in other words change it. Find out who you really are. Be honest with yourself. Remember to always love yourself during this process of discovery, know that no matter what you find is your perfection and the whole world is waiting for you to let your light shine. We all were created as the perfect pieces to the overall mosaic of Divinity/the Universe. The entire universe would be different and somehow incomplete if you weren’t here, accept how amazing you really are. You are exactly as you are supposed to be, at this exact time, in the exact place you are, at all times and places. You can never not be divinely perfect and accepted as you are – depressed, angry, happy, silly, and all other states.

    If we don’t judge ourselves then we would never hold back from expressing ourselves or our desires. We would let ourselves be, we would be at peace as our genuine selves which is when we are happiest and the most full. There would be freedom to love self and accordingly all others and not judge or think that anything was wrong or unacceptable. We could do exactly what we choose and not judge it and therefore not judge others for their actions or reactions to us. Let yourself be and in so doing you let all others be as well.

     For example, if I love surfing and want to go surfing I need to honor my desire and not judge myself for it or anyone else and their opinion of it. So if someone is disappointed or upset in my decision that wouldn’t affect me in a state of unconditional love it would only fill me with compassion for them because they can’t love themselves enough to let me be. If someone is upset with us they are only projecting their own inner struggle. Nothing is actually personal, realizing this is the epitome of empowerment. All disappointment or being upset is just being disappointed or upset with ourself. The reasoning behind this is because when we are not true to ourself we project anger/frustration onto others who are living free and true. Thus we are projecting what we wish we could be onto others and thus feel separate from it and powerless over our lives. However, this state of connection with our love and passions is our soul communicating itself to us. It is this authentic true Self that is guided by Love, for Love is that which gives our authentic Self the energy and passions of life. Thus, it is only beneficial to follow our heart and honest intentions.

     If we truly were free, free from the ego/mind and its addictions to suffering, the world would be a much different place. If we all were honest with ourselves everyone would be able to express themselves in a loving environment and therefore be able to respect others’ honesty and decisions. Just as I honor my own decisions if someone is disappointed with the choice I made I honor their decision to be disappointed with me. I honor it not because one of us is right or wrong, but because I honor their perspective and belief in their reality. I realize that they believe their perspective to be the only possible perspective of reality otherwise they couldn’t possible exhibit disappointment. Disappointment can only come from when we expect something in particular from a person or situation. To not be content and accepting of others’ decisions would be unloving, narrow minded, and overall egotistical. To deny them their expression would be just as hurtful as not honoring our own, which again is in fact what is taking place – recall projection. Thus, as we honor our own truth and inner desires we would naturally be able to honor others’ truth and desires.

     We conclude with, once again, that all struggles are a projection of internal turmoil and is never about the other person, ever. There is nothing else other than our own perception, we create our reality and since we are in control of our perception no ‘other’ could possibly be responsible for our happiness. As long as we’re following our honest choice then there would be no inner turmoil to begin with. Struggle only arises when we repress our desires and thus our growth towards inner peace takes longer because we keep creating endless situations to teach us the same lesson over and over again until we transcend it. That is to say, until we finally ‘get it’. Struggle arises when we resist our own growth and evolution.

     If we are experiencing conflict with either ourself or with ‘others’ it is ultimately because we are not following what we really want, we’re resisting ourself, we’re resisting our own peace, love, and happiness. We are the only ones stopping ourselves, we are the only ones getting in our own way. It is only the ego that projects blame or externalizing of the ‘enemy’ – opposition. Take back responsibility and realize we’re the only one’s in charge of our life and our experience.

      With all this being said, we see how unconditional love is a lifestyle choice within us, it is a constant state of acceptance and non-judgment. It is freedom and surrender to just let life be. It is the pure appreciation and love for that which is. This is the awareness and love of the masters, mystics, and saints. Yet, it is attainable by any of us in every moment. Unconditional Love is a vibration like everything else and is a state of pure surrender of attachments and judgement, which is the source of bliss. Surrender of the ego’s desires to change things or attach identity to anything, surrender of resistance, and surrender of the mind’s vanities of judgment and frustrations. Surrendering to Love creates a space for pure appreciation and unconditional Love to come through as a natural state of being rather than something sought after or to be gained. In other words unconditional love is the most natural state we could embody and is therefore reached by letting go of limiting perspectives that are keeping it from us. It is all within us however, we are the only ones who can let go of our perspectives, biases, and judgments. We are the ones with the power to create Heaven or Hell for ourselves.

If you feel so inclined, I highly recommend to ponder these thoughts and see if it brings anything up for you. As always, search for your own Light, let it come to you as you stop trying to find the Truth and instead become Truth expressed through you by loving and accepting yourself exactly as you are. May you walk on a blissful path and know that you are infinitely and eternally loved.

Peace and Love always-

Mathew Micheletti

~You shall know Truth by the happiness, joy, and peace it brings~ Go within and start knocking on the Door.